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Future King of Canada Tours the Country November 3, 2009

Posted by J. Hawkes in News.
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Citizens of Newfoundland gave a very warm welcome to the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall on behalf of all Canadians. Check out CBC’s image gallery.

Meanwhile, Sun Media is reporting on the findings of Leger Marketing poll regarding the Monarchy in Canada. Canadians are split on their support -except in Quebec, where only 11% continue to support our Monarchy.

“Most provinces are in favour of the Queen remaining as our head of state, except Quebec,” said Dave Scholz, vice-president of Leger Marketing.

Averaged across all of Canada, 44% support the Monarchy and 45% may wish to abandon it.

Of course, any change away from Monarchy would require a substantial amendment to our Constitutional, as well as our society. And without widespread support for an adjustment this becomes a political impossibility.

Removing all symbols of the Crown in Canada would be an exhausting process.  From the widespread use of “Royal” in nearly every town and city (Royal University Hospital), to the Queen on our currency, to the term “Crown” used by governments, to visual symbols in the Canadian Forces (the symbol for the CF itself has a crown at the top). It would be an expensive and lengthy proposition merely to change the terminology and symbols.



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