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A Diamond Jubilee Statue for Saskatoon? July 11, 2013

Posted by J. Hawkes in Art, News.


The Queen’s 60th Anniversary Statue project hopes to ensure that quality bronze statues of Her Majesty shall grace the towns and cities of her dominions all across the world. The statue has been carved by James Butler RA, one of Britain’s foremost sculptors, who has sculpted many statues seen throughout London and has also carved the Great Seal of the Realm.

Although it would be rather expensive, and may be difficult to justify in this troubled economic climate, nonetheless, the Queen is more deserving of commemoration in bronze than almost anyone. Furthermore I believe it would be of lasting benefit to the culture and æsthetic qualities of any town or city that acquired one. But what do think?


To cite directly from the website:

The Aim

“HM Queen Elizabeth II’s long reign has conferred a great continuity throughout times of unprecedented change. We believe that this quality will be best represented by a statue which will be the definitive and immediately recognisable image, one which is fit to stand alongside past monarchical icons.

“Our aim is for cities, towns and institutions around the UK and in the Commonwealth to be able to endow their public spaces with a statue which will undoubtedly become a much-photographed and appreciated new landmark, and in time a familiar and much-valued centrepoint within individual local and urban settings throughout the Commonwealth.

“And at a time of great concern about public fragmentation and the need for social cohesion, the statue will represent an enduring expression of the vital role of the Queen as an impartial symbol of national unity.

The Statue

“The statue is inspired by the famous 1954 and 1969 portraits of the Queen by Pietro Annigoni. Her Majesty is shown in full Garter robes.

“The statues will be cast in 100% bronze. They will be exactly the same as the maquette and will be available in three different sizes: Half life-size, Life-size and Double life-size and prices, which, naturally may vary with the cost of metal and casting, will range from between £20,000 to £75,000 for a full preparation of cast and finishing. Please contact us directly to learn more about the pricing structure and costs.

Peter Whittle

The New Culture Forum 55 Tufton Street London SW1P 3QL Tel: 020-7340-6059 Email: enquiries@queenjubileestatue.co.uk

(A nod to former Toronto Branch Chairman Rafal Heydel-Mankoo who brought this to my attention http://www.bloggingyoungfogey.blogspot.ca/2013/06/the-queens-60th-anniversary-statue.html )



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