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CN Tower will tell us if royal baby is boy or girl July 14, 2013

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The CN Tower in Toronto shall light up either pink or blue depending upon the sex of the Cambridge’s child.

“Canada’s National Tower joins the rest of the world in looking forward to news of the birth of the royal baby,” said CN public relations manager Irene Knight. “In honour of the royal birth, the CN Tower top of the hour show (duration of 8 minutes) will feature a solid blue or pink on the evening that the birth is announced,” she said.”

This child shall be third in line to the throne after the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Cambridge, apparently the names most popular with British bookies are Elizabeth, Alexandra, Charlotte and Diana.

If it’s a boy, the smart money is reportedly on George, James and Louis. An interesting (and potentially tricky) fact concerns regnal numbers for another King James is that, although James II was the last British monarch to bear the name (not counting Jacobite pretenders) he was James VII of Scotland, and there has been controversy (most recently early on in our present Queen’s reign) over appropriate regnal numbers when Scotland and England have not shared the same number of monarchs with the same name. Winston Churchill wanted to avoid controversy over this by using whichever of the two numerals from the English and Scottish sequences  was higher although I do not think that compromise is official, and of course there is the interesting question of whether such a compromise would apply for the Queen’s other dominions (like Canada). For those reasons, as well as the fact that historians do not esteem James I as much as they ought to, and James II of course bears the dubious distinction as the last of our sovereigns to be violently overthrown (in 1688)  I have always assumed that we would not have another King James any time soon, but of course I would be overjoyed if they chose such as obviously grand and regal name!

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