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Revelation of the Royal Baby’s Name July 24, 2013

Posted by J. Hawkes in News.
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The Duke of Cambridge has announced the name of his son, and His Royal Highness Prince George Alexander Louis shall, providence willing, in the fullness of time ascend the throne as George VII.

I shall refrain from tooting my own horn but it was just the name I predicted. George is a name that first came into royal use with the Hanoverian dynasty in the early 18th century, and has been the name of such great sovereigns as George III whose loyal subjects built Canada in the aftermath of the American Rebellion, and of whom the Prince of Wales has said “that he is the king he most respects, describing him as a good man who was
simply misunderstood.” More recently in the 20th century we had King George V who served nobly under the pressures of such calamities as the Great War and the Great Depression, and George VI who was the first reigning king to visit Canada and who reigned during the Second World War. Prince George shall doubtless live up to his namesakes.


P.S. I must note that the article did annoy me in referring to the Duchess of Cambridge as “Kate Middleton” did they somehow miss the Royal Wedding a couple of years ago?



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