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Attempts to render title ‘Head of the Commonwealth’ Hereditary? July 28, 2013

Posted by J. Hawkes in News.
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Her Majesty is apparently launching  a discreet attempt to render the title Head of the Commonwealth hereditary, certainly many already believed it to be so and it is not like there are any other people who would be obvious contenders for the title so it may succeed. The Queen is clearly hoping to avoid a struggle over the title following her death.

According to the article: “The Palace believes Commonwealth joy over the  birth of George provides the ideal opportunity to guarantee the British Monarchy  does not lose its most prominent international platform when the Queen  dies.” Which I don’t really think is true, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain Northern Ireland, Canada, and her other realms and territories carries more weight than head of the Commonwealth of Nations in my view, but certainly it would be better for the Commonwealth if the royal family retained the title.

Only British sovereigns have served as Head of the Commonwealth, with the Queen’s father, George VI, holding the title first. The London Declaration of 1949 ensured that the Queen would inherit the title, but her successor will still be decided by all the Commonwealth members (I have not been able to determine whether it is via majority vote, or unanimous consensus though).
And just for fun here is a list of the official translations for Head of the Commonwealth in the different languages of Her Majesty’s subjects:

Consortionis Populorum Princeps – Latin

Upoko o Nga Herenga ki Ingarangi (lit. ‘Leader of the links with England’) – Maori

英聯邦元首 (lit. ‘Head of the English Federation’) – Hong Kong Chinese, apparently in Singapore her title is “Head of the Republic Federation, which does not make a whole lot sense).



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