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A defence of the Crown in The Sheaf December 28, 2013

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In the University of Saskatchewan student paper The Sheaf some time ago an excellent article was written robustly rebutting republican arguments against the Crown.

‘As Canadians, we should support the constitutional monarchy — including the recent birth of our future king, Prince George of Cambridge.

Prince George was born over-a-month ago and, while I agree such extravagant media coverage is unjustified, pointedly rejecting the monarchy merely gives more publicity to a family who already gets enough attention because of their status. Further publicizing the issue only serves to legitimize the American media’s bizarre celebrity worship of a monarchy they have nothing to do with.

It is no secret that the Royal Family is not overly fond of the media — paparazzi had a heavy hand in the death of Princess Diana — so why on earth would Prince William want to have his new family subjected to the same media circus his mother endured? This kind of attention is not asked for.’


(The remainder of the article may be found on The Sheaf website.


Attempts to render title ‘Head of the Commonwealth’ Hereditary? July 28, 2013

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Her Majesty is apparently launching  a discreet attempt to render the title Head of the Commonwealth hereditary, certainly many already believed it to be so and it is not like there are any other people who would be obvious contenders for the title so it may succeed. The Queen is clearly hoping to avoid a struggle over the title following her death.

According to the article: “The Palace believes Commonwealth joy over the  birth of George provides the ideal opportunity to guarantee the British Monarchy  does not lose its most prominent international platform when the Queen  dies.” Which I don’t really think is true, Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain Northern Ireland, Canada, and her other realms and territories carries more weight than head of the Commonwealth of Nations in my view, but certainly it would be better for the Commonwealth if the royal family retained the title.

Only British sovereigns have served as Head of the Commonwealth, with the Queen’s father, George VI, holding the title first. The London Declaration of 1949 ensured that the Queen would inherit the title, but her successor will still be decided by all the Commonwealth members (I have not been able to determine whether it is via majority vote, or unanimous consensus though).
And just for fun here is a list of the official translations for Head of the Commonwealth in the different languages of Her Majesty’s subjects:

Consortionis Populorum Princeps – Latin

Upoko o Nga Herenga ki Ingarangi (lit. ‘Leader of the links with England’) – Maori

英聯邦元首 (lit. ‘Head of the English Federation’) – Hong Kong Chinese, apparently in Singapore her title is “Head of the Republic Federation, which does not make a whole lot sense).


A Call to (re)Consider the Monarchy July 7, 2010

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In the wake of Her Majesty’s recent visit to Canada, the Saskatoon StarPhoenix advocates a thoughtful consideration about the future role of the monarchy in Canada.

It’s a welcome debate.

As we approach the Queen’s diamond jubilee (sorry, no similar Canadian link – yet), it makes sense to take stock of how well our current constitutional monarchy has served Canada as a state and Canadians as individuals. Those of us already convinced by the merits of our system will do well to discuss the issue reasonably with our fellow Canadians. Indeed, such a public debate can be a unifying force. It would be a powerful symbol if Canada were able to recommit to our Head-of-State, perhaps through some official gesture in the House of Commons.

Our Head-of-State serves a mainly symbolic role, one that is abstractly applied through the institutionalized concept of the Crown but also personally entwined with the Queen herself and the history of her lineage. With such expansive implications it is hardly surprising that many people object (at least superficially) to one or more manifestations of the symbol of our Head-of-State. Nevertheless, our diverse and historically unique country is capable of broad political agreement in pursuit of peace, order and good government. It is wise to pursue a similar consensus with our Head-of-State, while admitting wholehearted unanimous agreement may be impossible.

Of course, the League’s view is that the monarchy has served us well, playing a crucial role in the development of parliamentary democracy and the founding of Canada. Over time, the monarchy has been tremendously flexible. And there seems little reason to suspect that it cannot continue to play its proper role as we face the unknown pressures and challenges of the 21st century.

Happy Birthday Monarchist League! February 23, 2010

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A note from the Dominion Chairman

Today is Founding Day, a special milestone as it marks the 40th Anniversary of the League’s existence.
Brought to life in 1970 at least partly in reaction to the perceived republican direction of the Trudeau government, the League has developed a respected place as the source of reliable information and informed opinion about the Canadian Crown, capable of effectively galvanizing public opinion when matters of controversy arise, as well as of undertaking the day-to-day work of educating our fellow citizens about the central role of the Constitutional Monarchy within Canada’s core democratic institutions. The first Loyal Society to have an Internet presence, the League continues to harness modern approaches to its cause, including social networking media, while also circulating its substantial and unique periodical, Canadian Monarchist News, and other print material.
Let us all celebrate this happy day, while we remember past victories, consider how to build our present organization and prepare to tackle work yet undone with renewed dedication and that commitment that has always characterized our fellowship.
God Save The Queen !

The Queen to Annoint Next GG in Person February 17, 2010

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Don Martin has a fascinating article in the National Post today about how the Queen might personally appoint the next Governor General of Canada. Apparently, the plan:

would see Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean replaced July 1 on the eve of her fifth anniversary as a phenomenally popular force of personality and fashion sense.

The unique twist would see the 28th vice regal sworn in by Queen Elizabeth II herself during her nine-day tour of Canada which starts June 28.

Who that next GG will be is the next interesting question. Martin suggests Northerner and Inuit leader Mary Simon. His other candidate is retired General John de Chastelain. Both candiates have ambassadorial and high-level negotiation experience. Both are also experienced in academia. Gen. de Chastelain is the only person to serve twice as the Chief of Defence Staff since that office was created in 1964.