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Royal Baby Shower Event August 22, 2013

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Hello members, our royal baby shower event will take place as  follows:
Thursday September 5th
Tony Romas at the Centre @ Circle & 8th St, Mall
7:30 pm
We shall have a prize draw for charity.
Snacks and soft drinks will be on the League!
I look forward to seeing you there – family and friends most welcome!
Any questions, and to RSVP please contact me ~ northsaskmonarchist@gmail.com

David Johnston Named Next Governor General July 8, 2010

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The North Saskatchewan Branch of the Monarchist League of Canada congratulates and applauds the announced appointment of David Johnston as Canada’s next Governor General.

CTV’s Robert Fife broke the story late Wednesday evening: University of Waterloo President David Johnston would become the next Governor General.

Further details about David Johnston are available from many different media outlets today (CBC, SUN).

The Monarchist League of Canada congratulates and warmly welcomes professor Johnson:

Those who have followed Professor Johnston in his career know his abundant “people skills”—an affable personality—and deep knowledge of Canada’s constitution and diverse social history. These qualities, combined with a truly global perspective and seasoned political experience at the federal level, are excellent indications that he will faithfully serve The Queen and all Canadians as their next Governor General.

It’s pleasing to see an experienced, but non-partisan, Canadian appointed as Governor General.

A Call to (re)Consider the Monarchy July 7, 2010

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In the wake of Her Majesty’s recent visit to Canada, the Saskatoon StarPhoenix advocates a thoughtful consideration about the future role of the monarchy in Canada.

It’s a welcome debate.

As we approach the Queen’s diamond jubilee (sorry, no similar Canadian link – yet), it makes sense to take stock of how well our current constitutional monarchy has served Canada as a state and Canadians as individuals. Those of us already convinced by the merits of our system will do well to discuss the issue reasonably with our fellow Canadians. Indeed, such a public debate can be a unifying force. It would be a powerful symbol if Canada were able to recommit to our Head-of-State, perhaps through some official gesture in the House of Commons.

Our Head-of-State serves a mainly symbolic role, one that is abstractly applied through the institutionalized concept of the Crown but also personally entwined with the Queen herself and the history of her lineage. With such expansive implications it is hardly surprising that many people object (at least superficially) to one or more manifestations of the symbol of our Head-of-State. Nevertheless, our diverse and historically unique country is capable of broad political agreement in pursuit of peace, order and good government. It is wise to pursue a similar consensus with our Head-of-State, while admitting wholehearted unanimous agreement may be impossible.

Of course, the League’s view is that the monarchy has served us well, playing a crucial role in the development of parliamentary democracy and the founding of Canada. Over time, the monarchy has been tremendously flexible. And there seems little reason to suspect that it cannot continue to play its proper role as we face the unknown pressures and challenges of the 21st century.

Saskatoon Company Buys Diana Feng Shui Letter March 8, 2010

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A local web-hosting company has announced that it was the anonymous purchaser of a 1993 letter penned by Diana, Princess of Wales. In the letter the Princess discusses her take on feng shui:

The letter made clear that the late Princess of Wales, Diana, was a fan of feng shui, using the ancient Chinese system of aesthetics to help calm her nerves whenever she was stressed. The revelation was made through the letter written to her reflexologist on June 6, 1994 thanking her for an introduction to a feng shui practitioner, reports the Daily Express.

Read the company’s news release in full.


Here’s the StarPhoenix story. This ran on the front cover of the paper today. Part of my quote:

“Even after 13 years, there remains a substantial interest in who she was and what she did,” said Mowat. “She was a beautiful woman and passionate about charity work.”

Happy Birthday Monarchist League! February 23, 2010

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A note from the Dominion Chairman

Today is Founding Day, a special milestone as it marks the 40th Anniversary of the League’s existence.
Brought to life in 1970 at least partly in reaction to the perceived republican direction of the Trudeau government, the League has developed a respected place as the source of reliable information and informed opinion about the Canadian Crown, capable of effectively galvanizing public opinion when matters of controversy arise, as well as of undertaking the day-to-day work of educating our fellow citizens about the central role of the Constitutional Monarchy within Canada’s core democratic institutions. The first Loyal Society to have an Internet presence, the League continues to harness modern approaches to its cause, including social networking media, while also circulating its substantial and unique periodical, Canadian Monarchist News, and other print material.
Let us all celebrate this happy day, while we remember past victories, consider how to build our present organization and prepare to tackle work yet undone with renewed dedication and that commitment that has always characterized our fellowship.
God Save The Queen !