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Another Court Challenge to the Oath to the Queen July 12, 2013

Posted by J. Hawkes in News.
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Several republican residents of our fair dominion want to become citizens of Canada without becoming subjects of Canada’s Queen. It certainly seems odd to me that people would want to move to this country grounded in monarchy despite being unwilling to swear an oath of allegiance to our ruler. Certainly the notion that requiring prospective Canadians to swear an oath to our monarch is “discriminatory” is such a patently ridiculous idea that I wonder how it could possibly even enter a courtroom.

I am somewhat inclined to agree with Mr. Gurney here that “If you don’t want to pledge allegiance to the Queen, don’t move to a Commonwealth country” but there is a bit of an issue to my mind with his idea that “If you want Canada to be a republic in the future, take the oath and become a citizen of Canada as it is today, and work from within to achieve the change you want.” I believe that the oath involves swearing to “bear true allegiance” to Her Majesty and her heirs, and I really do not agree with this apparently blasé attitude towards oath-taking, what is the point of oath-taking after all if there is a complete lack of consequences for immediately violating it? Those who do such things should be censured for failing to live up to their word.