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Royal Baby Shower Event August 22, 2013

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Hello members, our royal baby shower event will take place as  follows:
Thursday September 5th
Tony Romas at the Centre @ Circle & 8th St, Mall
7:30 pm
We shall have a prize draw for charity.
Snacks and soft drinks will be on the League!
I look forward to seeing you there – family and friends most welcome!
Any questions, and to RSVP please contact me ~ northsaskmonarchist@gmail.com

A Call to (re)Consider the Monarchy July 7, 2010

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In the wake of Her Majesty’s recent visit to Canada, the Saskatoon StarPhoenix advocates a thoughtful consideration about the future role of the monarchy in Canada.

It’s a welcome debate.

As we approach the Queen’s diamond jubilee (sorry, no similar Canadian link – yet), it makes sense to take stock of how well our current constitutional monarchy has served Canada as a state and Canadians as individuals. Those of us already convinced by the merits of our system will do well to discuss the issue reasonably with our fellow Canadians. Indeed, such a public debate can be a unifying force. It would be a powerful symbol if Canada were able to recommit to our Head-of-State, perhaps through some official gesture in the House of Commons.

Our Head-of-State serves a mainly symbolic role, one that is abstractly applied through the institutionalized concept of the Crown but also personally entwined with the Queen herself and the history of her lineage. With such expansive implications it is hardly surprising that many people object (at least superficially) to one or more manifestations of the symbol of our Head-of-State. Nevertheless, our diverse and historically unique country is capable of broad political agreement in pursuit of peace, order and good government. It is wise to pursue a similar consensus with our Head-of-State, while admitting wholehearted unanimous agreement may be impossible.

Of course, the League’s view is that the monarchy has served us well, playing a crucial role in the development of parliamentary democracy and the founding of Canada. Over time, the monarchy has been tremendously flexible. And there seems little reason to suspect that it cannot continue to play its proper role as we face the unknown pressures and challenges of the 21st century.

Members Wanted for Executive September 8, 2009

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The North Saskatchewan Branch of the Monarchist League is in need of a few volunteers to help it organize.

The Branch is responsible for organizing local events are desired/required and being available to assist our fellow citizens to learn more about our Constitutional Monarchy.

Anyone who has an interest in our Constitutional Monarchy and lives in Saskatchewan (North of Davidson) is eligible to sit on our Executive. We have several vacant positions – and anyone with an interest will be able to find a position suited to them.

Anyone interested should contact the current Chairman, Robin Mowat.