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David Johnston Named Next Governor General July 8, 2010

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The North Saskatchewan Branch of the Monarchist League of Canada congratulates and applauds the announced appointment of David Johnston as Canada’s next Governor General.

CTV’s Robert Fife broke the story late Wednesday evening: University of Waterloo President David Johnston would become the next Governor General.

Further details about David Johnston are available from many different media outlets today (CBC, SUN).

The Monarchist League of Canada congratulates and warmly welcomes professor Johnson:

Those who have followed Professor Johnston in his career know his abundant “people skills”—an affable personality—and deep knowledge of Canada’s constitution and diverse social history. These qualities, combined with a truly global perspective and seasoned political experience at the federal level, are excellent indications that he will faithfully serve The Queen and all Canadians as their next Governor General.

It’s pleasing to see an experienced, but non-partisan, Canadian appointed as Governor General.

The Queen to Annoint Next GG in Person February 17, 2010

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Don Martin has a fascinating article in the National Post today about how the Queen might personally appoint the next Governor General of Canada. Apparently, the plan:

would see Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean replaced July 1 on the eve of her fifth anniversary as a phenomenally popular force of personality and fashion sense.

The unique twist would see the 28th vice regal sworn in by Queen Elizabeth II herself during her nine-day tour of Canada which starts June 28.

Who that next GG will be is the next interesting question. Martin suggests Northerner and Inuit leader Mary Simon. His other candidate is retired General John de Chastelain. Both candiates have ambassadorial and high-level negotiation experience. Both are also experienced in academia. Gen. de Chastelain is the only person to serve twice as the Chief of Defence Staff since that office was created in 1964.

Andrew Potter with Michael Behiels November 5, 2009

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Andrew Potter interviews Michael Behiels, professor of political history at the University of Ottawa, for the Ottawa Citizen about the Canadian monarchy. It is a revealing interview, explaining – better than I did – how fundamental the monarchy is to our system of government, and how vast and complete any attempt to replace it would necessarily need to be.

There’s a very intricate logic in the whole structure as it was put together in the 19th century. And pulling out any one part affects the entire structure, and you need to think it through from beginning to end, adjusting everything accordingly. It is like going to the dentist for a crown and realizing you need a root canal. This structure has to be completely rebuilt, and most people have not given it a lot of thought.

-From the Ottawa Citizen online

“Harper reminds GG just who is head of state” October 8, 2009

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper has sent a clear message to Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean that she should not call herself Canada’s head of state.

Global TV

The story quotes former University of Saskatchewan professor David Smith as noting “there seems to be a misunderstanding on the part of Rideau Hall as to the constitutional position of the Governor General under our system.”

And League Chairman, Robert Finch, stated: “I hope this puts an end to the silly notion that the Governor General is head of state — de facto or otherwise.”